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Eagle enet ptpd Example

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Ethernet with PTP (enet_ptpd)

Compatibility Eagle 50E, 100

This example application demonstrates the operation of the Stellaris Ethernet controller using the lwIP TCP/IP Stack. DHCP is used to obtain an Ethernet address. If DHCP times out without obtaining an address, AUTOIP will be used to obtain a link-local address. The address that is selected will be shown on the OLED display.

A default set of pages will be served up by an internal file system and the httpd server.

The IEEE 1588 (PTP) software has been enabled in this code to synchronize the internal clock to a network master clock source.

Two methods of receive packet timestamping are implemented. The default mode uses the Stellaris hardware timestamp mechanism to capture Ethernet packet reception time using timer 3B. On parts which do not support hardware timestamping or if the application is started up with the “Select” button pressed, software time stamping is used.


For additional details on lwIP, refer to the lwIP web page at:

For additional details on the PTPd software, refer to the PTPd web page at: