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Mbed Book Examples on Micromint Bambino

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The mbed FEESD book is a great introduction to the ARM mbed framework. You can quickly become familiar with mbed functions by working with code examples for reading sensors, controlling switches and motors, generating sound and other practical applications. This document covers how to use the examples with the Micromint Bambino.

mbed Book Examples
Example Description
02-01 SimpleLED Simple LED flashing.
03-01 While Loop While Loop Example
03-02 Flashing LED Flashing LEDs
03-03 IfElseSwitch Read an input and flash an LED based on the input
03-04 PhotoInterruptor Read an optical sensor and turn on an LED
03-05 Seven Segment Display Using BusOut to display numbers on a seven segment display
04-01 Dac Output Output an Analog signal
04-02 Saw Tooth Wave Ouput a saw tooth wave on the analog output
04-03 Sinusoid Wave Ouput a sinusoid wave on the analog output
04-04 PWM Output Sets PWM source to fixed frequency and duty cycle.
04-05 PWM DC Motor PWM control to DC motor is repeatedly ramped
04-06 Software PWM Software generated PWM
04-07 Oranges and Lemons Plays the tune "Oranges and Lemons" on a piezo buzzer, using PWM
05-01 LED Brightness Uses analog input to control LED brightness, through DAC output
05-02 PWM Pulse Uses analog input to control PWM duty cycle, fixed period
05-03 PWM Frequency Uses analog input to control the period of a PWM.
05-04 Logging Data Reads input voltage through the ADC, and transfers to PC terminal
05-05 Data Conversion Inputs signal through ADC, and outputs to DAC.
06-01 Seven Segment Counter seven-segment display counter
06-02 Two Digit Seven Segment Counter Display counter for 0-99 on seven segment displays
06-03 Key Press Display Host keypress to 7-seg display
06-04 Header Template Example project file
06-05 Modular Code Example Example using modular code



mbed Texbook Overview
Overview of the textbook "Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design: Applying the ARM mbed" by Rob Toulson and Tim Wilmshurst.
mbed Texbook Course Notes
Course notes for textbook referenced above.


Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design: Applying the ARM mbed

Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design: Applying the ARM mbed

ISBN: 0080977685 Publisher: Newnes; (August, 2012)

Introduction to embedded systems design, using the ARM mbed and C programming language as development tools.


mbed Community
mbed community site with documentation, code examples and forums