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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does CoFlash issue a USB communication failed error while using CoFlash?

Check to see if another FTDI device is plugged into the computer. If it is unplug it and try to use CoFlash again.

How do I install the picoJTAG driver on Windows 8?

Windows 8 implements a Driver Signature Enforcer that does not allow you easily install unsigned drivers. Please follow the procedure below to install the drivers for the picoJTAG.

  • 1. Download and unzip the picoJTAG Software 2011-07
  • 2. Move your mouse to the top right hand corner of your screen to bring out the sidebar
  • 3. Click on the “Settings” icon
  • 4. Click on “Change PC Settings” in the lower right hand corner of the “Settings” bar
  • 5. Click on “General” in the PC Settings App
  • 6. Scroll down on the right hand side of the screen and select “Restart now” under the “Advanced startup” section
  • 7. After the computer restarts click on “Advanced options”
  • 8. Click on “Startup settings”
  • 9. Click on “Restart”
  • 10. When prompted press the number 7 to select “Disable driver signature enforcement”
  • 11. Plug in the picoJTAG to the computers USB port
  • 12. Open Windows 8’s “Device Manager”
  • 13. Double click on “Micromint USB JTAG” under “Other Devices” in “Device Manager”
  • 14. Click “Update Driver”
  • 15. Click “Browse My Computer for Driver”
  • 16. Click the “Browse” button and find where the driver was unzipped on your computer
  • 17. Click “Next”
  • 18. When Windows 8 warns you that the driver is not signed click “Install driver software anyway”
  • 19. In “Device Manager” double click the second instance of “Micromint USB JTAG” under “Other Devices”
  • 20. Perform steps 14 through 18 for the second instance
  • 21. In “Device Manager” double click “USB Serial Port” under “Other Devices”
  • 22. Perform steps 14 through 18 for the USB Serial Port